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High-tech fun. Only on request.


Car-kit 4x4 Thunderbird

Powerful 4x4 SUV vehicule that runs on water and salt. Its engine can be configured plane or V8.

(Ref.: C008) Check availability



Original and fast car that runs on water and salt.

(Ref.: B020) Check availability

marlin sol

Marlin solar - water and salt

Car that runs on its photovoltaic panel and on water and salt.

(Ref.: B018) Check availability


Water and Salt Spider

Spectacular Spider that walks with only a few drops of water and salt.

(Ref.: C020) Check availability


Water and salt motorbike

Robotic motorbike that works without fuel, with only a few drops of water and salt.

(Ref.: A006) Check availability



The friendly biker with a small wind turbine kit. when
stronger the wind blows, the faster are pedaling cyclist and shining its light.

(Ref.: B019) Check availability


Wind car

Dynamic and futuristic racing car that draws its energy from wind.

(Ref.: B024) Check availability

You also can download it here, in PDF format (Sorry, only in Spanish)

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